The new multi¬billion dollar industry has emerged as one of great areas of interest to investors at this time.In August 2013, the cannabis industry saw a massive growth spurt as a result of an open memo to all U.S attorney generals from the U.S Department of Justice that stated, in so many words, that the United States Government would not disrupt legal cannabis businesses as long as the operators of them obeyed their state laws.People from all over the world have enrolled to become educated online at the only, complete medical marijuana industry marijuana school, Cannabis Training University (CTU). The cannabis industry is predicted by many to grow at a rate of nearly 75% in the next 3 years.More and more states are jumping on the bandwagon after seeing the tax revenue that has been generated in Colorado. Many people believe the entire United States will legalize marijuana just as it did with alcohol sometime in the next 5 to 10 years. So where do you fit in all this? How can you profit off the “Green Rush”?In this article we will discuss the many career and business opportunities available in the cannabis industry and what you can do to prepare yourself to get in them, as well as take a look at marijuana laws around the world.


At Cannabis Training University, students learn how to grow weed at home on any budget, even with only $200 to spend. In reality, people can grow at least an ounce of cannabis every 80 days or so, on less than $200 out of pocket. That same ounce would cost around $350 to $400 in a recreational shop.


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