New Oakland Cannabis Delivery Opens 2018!

Oakland Cannabis Delivery Service. Marijuana and Weed. Voted best cannabis delivery, marijuana delivery in the Oakland, East Bay, San Francisco Bay area.​

Effective January 1st, we are one of the few businesses supported by the Cannabis law with the permit to transport and distribute cannabis. If you are in the Oakland, East Bay, San Francisco Bay area and need Cannabis, why not rely on the best cannabis delivery service to get it right to your doorsteps. Oakland Cannabis Delivery Service knows how much you love your cannabis and marijuana, we want to make sure you get the best available.
Whenever you want it and wherever you are in Oakland California, you can get the best your medicinal marijuana delivered to your doorstep. No need for even a phone call, all that is required is to visit the demo Oakland Cannabis Delivery Website.
Cannabis Delivery Oakland


​No panicking or anxiety, just wait for your weed and expect only the best. Let us know how you want it, either as flowers, concentrates or edibles and you’ll get exactly what you want from our flavors.

Cannabis On Fire is Mobile Friendly

Allow us to locate you with your Zip code and we are halfway there. Our cannabis products are of the best cultivation and packaging best practices. Treated biologically, computer-controlled nutrients, water delivery, heating, and cooling. Everything is carried out under one roof without any form of contamination.

As a legally recognized business, you are on the right side of the law when you order your weed from us. You are not doing anything wrong, just exhibiting your right to the best of marijuana.